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Self-Published Author & Writer

Author & Writer Rafequa Hall

There is definitely purpose in pain. Writer Rafequa Hall has come to know all too well, whether it was through her own experiences or through the eyes of a stranger. There are lessons to be learned, stories to be told, experiences to be shared, and faith to be restored. Writing has not only been a remedy to her soul, but has undeniably been the stage that allows her to stand confidently in these truths. 
Writing through those rough and difficult experiences has proven to be rewarding to the writer, as well as to her readers. Writing has been a gift that she has chosen to share in this book through poetry.

She has Lived most of her life in Stamford, Connecticut's East Side on Custer Street. She is a graduate of Stamford High School, attended Albany State University, and graduated from Eastern University with a Bachelor's Degree in Business.









About The Book

With fierce honesty and poetic grace, We be black, We've been blue explores the complexities of being black and overcoming past traumas. This book speaks to the challenges of living in a society that often denies us our humanity.  

Each verse is a testament to the strength and resilience.

This collection is a love letter to blackness an ode to our collective strength and a testament to the indomitable spirit that thrives in each of us.

It is a celebration of the human spirit and a call to persevere despite the barriers set before us.

Come explore the poetics of We be black, We’ve Been Blue- A black woman's perspective on being black and overcoming past blues.

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